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Everything started with Fucina Controvento: an authentic cultural club, a social aggregation point which, during the years, managed to let the strong personality of the territory emerge, by organizing great cultural events and sheltering both creativity and ethical political will. From this experience, an even more ambitious project started: to restore an extraordinary place for history and nature, Forte Marghera, and to give it back to the citizens through the work and commitment of the folks at Cooperativa Sociale controvento.

Forte Marghera is an ancient fort built by the Serenissima, enlarged by Napoleon and later by the Austrian, and then used by our Lagunari. Some decades has passed, and it is now property of Comune di Venezia, which is trying, alongside with various associations who reside inside the Forte, to revive it.

Controvento in these first years of activity developed multiple paths, or "projects" as we call them: La Dispensa, Il Gatto Rosso, Il Bagolaro, La Baia. They might seem like regular restaurants, but there is much more than what meets the eyes.

Controvento, through the so called "Cooperative Corporation", aims to social and human promotion goals, achieved managing cultural, educational, and productive services. These activities are put in place while facilitating work integration of differently-able, physically or mentally disadvantaged people. As an ancient Japanese said, "we need to comprehend that each one of us is perfectly imperfect".

Activities done in La Dispensa, Il Gatto Rosso, Il Bagolaro and La Baia, are focused on developing a sustainable form of business and sociability, through the use of bio products, and a logistic based on the principles of a short supply chain.
"Zero-mile-products" are not subjected to a lot of production stages, since there are just a few intermediaries: they are produced, sold and consumed in the same territory.
Why do we prefer "zero-mile" to the ones that we can find in large-scale retail trade?
Because we try to avoid travels of thousands of miles for the products; because we chose food according to season; because by doing this we cut down oil and CO2 emissions, reducing pollution and global warming. In a nutshell: we do our part.

At the same time we are interested in giving space to both culture and sociability, organizing concerts, expositions and debates, emphasizing peculiarity and richness of our territory.

The same concept is now applied to our new project, Parco Rurale di San Floriano, which also adds our effort to not only be a consumer of products, but also a producer of healthy, bio, affordable food.


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